The logistics industry moves millions of packages every day and customers today have come to expect instant turnaround. Providing fast, reliable service is more important now than ever to keep customers happy and keep up with the competition. Any logistics system that plans to live up to today’s standards needs top-tier belting to keep things moving forward.

Our in-stock inventory ensures that we always have the belt you need. We carry dozens of belts ready to be cut to your specifications and shipped out at a moment’s notice. If your application needs something special, we can make a one-of-a-kind custom belt just for you. We know that speed, accuracy and reliability are prime factors when it comes to logistics and make sure every belt shipped is ready to deliver peak performance.

  • Beverage (brewing, soda, water, juice, spirits)
  • Container (can, glass, PET)
  • Packaging
  • Process automation
  • Airports
  • Distribution centers


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