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Meet Our Team

Executive / Management

Ken Engelsmann

Ken Engelsmann|President

(800) 727-2358ext. 3002

Kerry Mosher

Kerry Mosher|Director Of Corporate Operations

Rick Callier

Rick Callier|Marketing Manager

Robin Wood, SHRM - SCP, SPHR

Robin Wood, SHRM - SCP, SPHR|Human Resource Manager

Carson Baxter

Carson Baxter|Communications Manager

Morgan Forderhouse

Morgan Forderhouse|Inside Sales Manager, St. Louis

Sherry Arbogast

Sherry Arbogast|Product Manager

Roger Boer

Roger Boer|Business Development Manager - Lightweight Products

Jesse Benton

Jesse Benton|BeltTS Integration Manager

Bart Rodgers

Bart Rodgers|Beltwall Manager

Felipe Villegas

Felipe Villegas|Fabflex Product Manager

Kevin Dahill

Kevin Dahill|Business Development Manager - Plastics

Rodney Roalsen

Rodney Roalsen|Director of Heavy Duty Products


Domestic Sales

George Sullivan

George Sullivan|Eastern Regional Sales Manager

Joe Haen

Joe Haen|Western Regional Sales Manager

Scott Pernsteiner

Scott Pernsteiner|Field Sales

North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Upper Michigan
Gabe Crawford

Gabe Crawford|Field Sales

Southern Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska
Matt Haslinger

Matt Haslinger|Field Sales

Ohio, West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania and Southeast Michigan
Matt Barger

Matt Barger|Field Sales

Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Eastern Texas
Dan Spurlock

Dan Spurlock|Field Sales

Southern Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina
Dave Ernst

Dave Ernst|Field Sales

Eastern Pennsylvania, New York City Metro and Long Island, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C., Northern Virginia
David Kinsey

David Kinsey|Field Sales

Florida, Georgia
Mark Chitwood

Mark Chitwood|Field Sales

Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi
Mike Cerulli

Mike Cerulli|Field Sales

Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Upstate and Western New York
Mike Fiedler

Mike Fiedler|Field Sales

Northern Illions, Indiana and Lower and Western Michigan
Richard Wall

Richard Wall|Field Sales

Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Colorado
Scott Lister

Scott Lister|Field Sales

Central and West Texas, New Mexico

International Sales

Armando Garcia

Armando Garcia|Director of International Operations

800-727-2358ext. 3074

Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson|Operations Manager

800-727-2358ext. 3075

Dimitria Davis

Dimitria Davis|International Sales & IMEX Coordinator

Mario Rodriguez

Mario Rodriguez|International Operations

800-727-2358ext. 3077

Miguel Reyes

Miguel Reyes|Regional Sales Manager, South America

Santiago - Chile

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