Joining the ends of conveyor belts can be achieved by a variety of methods to accommodate every application. Vulcanized splices provide a continuous, smooth and strong connection. Lacing (mechanical fasteners) are ideal for quick installations with minimum downtime. A lace pin is provided to securely connect the two ends.

Super-Screw Lacing

  • No drilling preparation or template
  • Self-drilling screws preserve the belts strength
  • High tensile strength
  • Compatible with small pulleys and scrapers
  • Reduces downtime significantly
  • Can be used to repair torn belts
  • Available in 6 different tension ratings
  • 7 different rubber compounds to choose from

Mechanical Lacing & Fasteners

  • Standard Mechanical Lacing
  • Covered (Hidden) Splice - Top Cover
  • Covered (Hidden) Splice - Bottom Cover
  • Covered (Hidden) Splice - Both Covers

Mechanical Fasteners

  • Clipper Lace
  • Alligator Lace
  • Bolt Hinged
  • Rivet Hinged
  • Staple Lace
  • Plate Fastener
  • Alligator Spiral lace
  • Alligator Plastic Rivet
  • Fasteners - Bulk/Boxes

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