Weigh Feeder Belts

We manufacture an array of both flat and fabricated weigh feeder belts used to transport coal, ore, rock, minerals and even food products. Various fabrications are available to tailor each belt to certain applications. These belts also include options for concealing mechanical splices to improve performance and make cleaning easier.

Feeder Belt Fabrications

  • Flat Feeder Belts
  • Flanged Feeder Belts
  • Bottom V-Guided Feeder Belts
  • Cleated Feeder Belts
  • Endless Feeder Belts
  • Mechanically Spliced Feeder Belts
  • Corrugated Sidewall Feeder Belts
  • Food Grade Feeder Belts

Custom Fabrication Feeder Belts

  • Flanged Feeder Belts
  • Bottom V-Guide Feeder Belts
  • Cleated Feeder Belts
  • Vulcanized Endless Feeder Belts


  • Coal Fire Power Plants
  • CO Generation Plants
  • Cement Plants

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