Conveyor Belts: Moving Lumber from Forest to Finished Product

Conveyor belts are essential for any lumber facility that wants to run smoothly, handling everything from the heavy impacts and abrasion of rough wood to the natural elements of wood oils and resins, UV light and water exposure.

Lumber Applications & Solutions

Our belts handle wood products of all shapes and sizes (from whole logs to cants, wood chips and pulp) during every step of processing, from transporting freshly debarked logs to catching boards flying off planer outfeeds.


Debarking belts are made to handle constant heavy impacts and abrasion from full-sized logs, as well as exposure to wood oils and any chemicals in the bark. These heavy duty belts keep lumber moving quickly and reliably to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Log Sorting

Log sorter belts organize fresh cut logs, taking measurements and checking for knots & rot to sort high-grade wood from lower-grade material. It’s a critical function in any sawmill, making sure that each log is used in the best possible way to reduce waste.

Timber Cant Handling

Belts play a vital role in cant handling, moving them through the various stages of processing. This can include debarking, sawing and sorting cants to be sold as-is or processing them further into boards or flitches.

Wood Chip Handling

When moving wood chips up inclines, troughed belts with cleats and sidewalls are the best way to avoid spillage. Packing wood chips tightly into the belt “pockets” means more can be moved at once to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Pulp Removal

Belts made for pulp removal are multipurpose, handling wood chips, fibers and recyclables and the chemicals often used to make them into pulp. This includes chemicals used to break down the raw materials as well as fillers and coatings added during papermaking for a finer finished product.

Surface Finishing

Our surface finishing belts are specifically designed to meet the requirements of OEMs. Each belt is constructed with cross rigid properties to resist edge curl, provide a flat & stable carrying surface and give your products the perfect finish.



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