Conveyor Belts: Making Construction Faster, Easier and Safer

Conveyor belts are essential in the construction industry for transporting materials like concrete, bricks and lumber. They can even be used to transport machinery and equipment on top of sorting and distributing materials. It all goes towards helping improve productivity, efficiency and safety, along with reducing the need for manual labor.

Construction Applications & Solutions

We offer distributors and OEMs a full range of belts and accessories for use in today's construction industry. Our products are compatible with major brands and models of construction equipment, ensuring satisfactory operation for highway, commercial and residential applications.

Profile Belting
Profile belts with cleats are used to carry materials up inclined conveyors, including Cleat-Top belts for concrete placement and Multi-Chev and Rough top belting with 1/4” high V-shaped cleats for tub grinding machines.

Flat Belting
Our belts for aggregate conveyance are the heaviest-duty belts we produce. Designed to withstand abrasion, impacts, chemicals, oil, high temperatures and exposure to the elements, these belts can handle more weight and abuse than anything else we make.

Integrally Molded Fablon
Fablon cleated belts
are made to move materials like sand, stone and gravel up aggressive inclines. The unique cleat patterns are molded into the belt cover and interlock to secure free-flowing materials to the belt surface. This prevents slip-back and allows the belt to navigate smaller pulleys.

Chevron Cleated
Chevron cleated belts
are available in a variety of size sand shapes for moving bulk and wet materials on high-speed equipment like road scrapers, as well as taller cleats for roof repairs and flanged edge belting for trenchers, asphalt trailers and mixing units.

Our CNC equipment can precisely cut custom parts up to 4" thick from urethane, foam rubber, Plexiglas, vinyl, leather, polycarbonate and UHMW with a tolerance of +/- 0.007". We also offer standard accessories, such as skirtboard rubber, splices, mechanical fasteners and installation tools.



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