Integrally Molded Fabflex

Fabflex® belts are manufactured from heavy duty synthetic fabric with high-grade covers. Integrally molded cleats and profiles are part of the belt’s unique solid construction.

Fabsyn White Nitrile

Fabsyn FDA/USDA approved food belts are conveniently stocked in five standard specifications. Two working tensions are available. Cover, cleats and belt are molded in one operation 48" wide and cut to desired widths. In-stock Fabsyn cleated belts are manufactured with synthetic fabric and oil-resistant covers — temperature range is from 0° to 220°F.

High grade nitrile compound has a higher oil resistance than PVC or RMV. The material has no odor or taste transfer and is resistant to staining, oil, cleaning solutions, extreme temperatures and cracking. These belts are integrally molded (no glue ever) and feature the "Blue Line" skim identifier. The seamless top also eliminates trapped bacteria equaling longer service life.

Fablon Black MOR

Commonly used in recycling, agriculture, bulk handling, automotive, fruit, vegetable and construction. These belts are compounded to provide durability, strength and flexibility. Their special synthetic fabrics offer minimal stretch and work with smaller diameter pulleys. Available in 2 ply or 3 ply constructions.

Fablon Black SBR/MOR

Fablon heavy duty belts are designed to handle the aggressive transfer and elevation of material such as sand, stone, gravel, recycled asphalt product (RAP) and other construction materials. Fablon's unique cleat patterns are designed to lock free flowing materials to the belt surface, preventing "slip-back". The cleats are nested in an overlapping pattern to maintain a smooth running surface on the return idlers.

Full gauge covers, skims and cleats are built to our specifications and tested in-house. High grade SBR and MOR compounds offer greater abrasion resistance and have a temperature range from -20° to 180°F.

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