Dry Bulk Powder Conveying

Fluidized beds can be found in the bottoms of silos, trailers, railcars, ships and barges. A wide variety of dry bulk powders are carried using this “Live Bottom” technology for emptying vessels and storage containers. This method is extremely efficient, has a low operating cost and is often the most economical to purchase and install.

Polyveyor Needled Polyester

  • MODEL 1950 Low Permeability
  • MODEL 1951 Medium Permeability

High Temp Polyveyor / Kevlar

  • MODEL 5925 High Temp Polyveyor / Kevlar

Solid Woven Polyester

  • WPLP Low Permeability 100% Woven Polyester
  • WPMP Medium Permeability 100% Woven Polyester
  • WPHP High Permeability 100% Woven Polyester

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