Wear Parts

Our premium wear parts are made to specific standards to keep your belts protected. Each wear part is designed to absorb impacts and resist cuts and abrasion in the harshest of applications.

Keeping belt wear at a minimum means better efficiency, less downtime and longer belt life. Whether you’re installing a new system or maintaining an old one, we have the parts for you!

Crown Bar Rubber – Minimize stress on shaker screens.

Combi Rubber – Perfect for scraping wet, sticky materials.

Impact Bars – Solid, structed support to keep your belts undamaged.

Orange Rubber – Use on chute liners and skirting to keep out dust & contaminants.

High Impact Rubber & Skirtboard – Low-noise material with excellent cut, gouge and abrasion resistance.

Prime Drive Lagging – Replacement lagging ready to use as soon as it’s installed.

Diamond Lagging – Maintain surface contact while giving moisture room to escape.

Ceramic Lagging – Self-cleaning ceramic reduces wear on pulleys.

Super Screw – Self-tapping screws perfect for quick field installations.

Eli-Flex – Quick setting polyurethane resin fixes holes, tears, gouges and more!

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