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A large selection of components, raw materials and accessories are available to assist with your conveyor belt upgrades and repairs. Most items are on the shelf and ship within 24 hours.

Belt Accessories

Edge Sealing | Elevator Buckets | Belt Scrapers (Urethane) | Rubber Splice Kits | Cold Vulcanizing Cements

Mini Diamond Lagging

  • Mini diamond pattern improves pulley grip, tracking and reduces belt wear
  • Works very well in both wet and dry conditions
  • Minimum 8” pulley diameter

Ceramic Square Tile Lagging  

  • Ceramic squares feature dimples that grip the belt and improve traction, belt tracking and reduce belt tension required
  • Works very well in both wet and dry conditions
  • The rubber compound meets FRAS and MSHA requirements, making this lagging suitable for underground mines
  • Minimum 12” pulley diameter

Crown Bar Rubber

  • Greatly reduces shock and vibration to the shaker screen and extends the life of the frame and screen. Available in 50' sections, packaged in ready-to-ship boxes.
  • Used in aggregate yards and mines all over North America
  • Common sizes are in stock

RA-IB Impact Bars

  • Heavy duty impact bars feature a solid design that prevents belt damage. Provides exceptional impact and wear resistance.
  • High quality materials offer superior belt support, significantly longer life and lower impact bed maintenance requirements
  • 3” height x 4” width with 3/8” blue UHMW top
  • Available in 48” or 60” (4 bolts with 48”, 6 bolts with 60” bar)

Primedrive Lagging

  • Completely eliminates the grinding and cutting required to remove corroded lagging
  • Aircraft grade aluminum cores in a flexible wing design, fastened with self-tapping corrosion resistant bolts
  • Fits on any diameter from 10” to 72” and on any face width, so a few pieces will cover the entire pulley
  • Large aggressive diamond profile material provided in strip rolls 5.5” wide and 70” long

Sheet Rubber

  • Skirtboard Rubber/Chute Lining
  • Tan Pure Gum Natural Rubber
  • Orange Gum Rubber/Lagging
  • Dual Durometer Rubber
  • Neoprene | CI Sheet | Linatex | Butyl Sheet | Nitrile Sheet | Urethane | Magnethane

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