Live Roller Belts

LVR-60 | LRB-50 | LVRQ-70

LVR-60 and LRB-50 are two of our top solutions for live roller applications, especially those that run at the longest distances and highest speeds across distribution centers.

Live roller belts are used on belt under roller style conveyors. Each belt uses a combination of extruded urethane reinforced with aramid cords & fabric back covers to reduce friction during uptime.

For a more specialized solution, we also carry the LVRQ-70 with its integrated v-guide. This v-guide is both lighter weight and more flexible than those found on competing belts to reduce power consumption, while the base belt retains all the benefits you can find on any of our other live roller belts.

  • High Strength & Load Capacity
  • Long Distance Runs
  • Aramid Cords
  • Low Friction Backside Fabric
  • Easy to Finger Splice

Nitta LVR-60 Specifications

Beltservice LRB-50 Specifications

Beltservice LVRQ-70 Specifications

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