Surface Finishing

We offer the best belting for surface finishing, serving wood and metal finishing industries. Our belts are designed specifically to meet OEM requirements and we offer the clear top choice belt of Cabinet Sander OEM’s worldwide.

Our carcass constructions utilize a variety of cross rigid properties to resist edge curl and provide a flat, stable carrying surface for wood panels and metal parts.

Light Duty SFMB / Open End Belts

We stock all the belting options to meet wood and metal surface finishing requirements. Our basic line of light duty SFMB belts offer high friction gripping performance and transverse stability. These belts can be quickly spliced endless and perforated to meet any standard or customized requirement.

Wood SFMB / Open End Belts

Larger surface finishing machines need additional transverse stability and our wood line of SFMB belts cover the most demanding OEM requirements. Additionally, we offer these belts perforated, with endless splice or “pin-and-go” with completely hidden mechanical lace for easy installation and reduced lead times for the end user.

Metal SFMB / Open End Belts

Our Metal series of SFMB belts are abrasion resistant (AR) to DIN 150mm3 or better, non-marking and offer all the other benefits of our Wood SFMB series, such as high gripping performance and transverse stability. Metal SFMB's unique combination of characteristics also make them useful for other applications requiring non-marking, high grip abrasion resistance such as cardboard box folding rail, planer outfeed and laminate flooring production.

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