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Conveyor Belts: Essential for Efficient and Effective Recycling

Conveyor belts are essential for the efficient operation of any recycling facility. They are critical to transporting materials from one point to another, such as from the loading dock to the sorting line, or from the sorting line to the baler.

Recycling Applications & Solutions

The right belt can make a big difference in the efficiency of a recycling facility. A belt that is too slow or too fast can cause bottlenecks, and a belt that is not durable can break down frequently. They can also be used to separate different types of materials, such as plastic, metal and paper.

That's why it's important to choose a belt specifically designed for the needs of your recycling facility.

Custom Cleated Belting

We have 50+ years of experience in fabricating custom belts for MRFs (materials recovery facilities) and C&D (construction & demolition) applications, with our Fabflex and Beltwall products being among our most popular solutions.

Fabflex’s Fablon 150 and 220 series belts are heavy-duty, versatile conveyor belts that are perfect for demanding recycling applications. They are made from durable materials and available in a variety of cleat heights and cover types to meet your specific needs.

Beltwall corrugated sidewall belts are perfect for recycling centers that need to save space and handle tough materials. These incline belts are designed to withstand the rigors of handling broken glass, jagged metal and other recyclables that would damage less durable belts.

Magnetic separator belts use a powerful magnet to attract unwanted metal from material being conveyed. The magnet is suspended over a conveyor belt, and as the material passes under the magnet, the metal is pulled up against the belt.

Rubber cleats are an essential part of magnetic separator belts. They come in a variety of profiles to fit different applications, and they can be vulcanized or attached with non-magnetic fasteners. They are typically spliced with non-magnetic fasteners as well and can be covered with stainless steel plates to protect them from the harshest applications.

Eddy current separators use corrugated or flanged sidewalls and hot-welded PU cleats to separate non-ferrous metals, like aluminum and copper, from other materials. This is a reliable and efficient way to recover valuable metals from waste streams.

Urethane belts are the perfect choice for demanding applications. They are made with a tough interwoven carcass covered and infused with abrasion-resistant urethane, and available in a variety of colors to match your branding or application.

Waste & Recycling


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