Mafdel has a reputation for extrusion excellence in the manufacture of round, vee, flat & positively driven conveyor belts made from urethane and polyester resins. Commonly used in the food processing industry, Mafdel belts meet the hygienic standards required by today’s consumers.

  • Easy belt joining system (eliminate lacing)
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Optimal hygiene level

Positively Driven Belting

  • Positive belts feature a perfectly smooth conveying surface that is easy to clean and helps to maintain an optimal level of hygiene. Dual rows of drive teeth offer exceptional guidance of the belt.
  • Del/Drive 25 and Del/Drive 50 full bar drive belts are the ideal alternative to modular belts. Del/Drive belts run without tension, reducing stress on conveyor components.
  • S/Drive belts feature drive lugs in the center of the belt. Easily configured with cleats and sidewalls, S/Drive is available in widths up to 60 inches.
  • Del/Sync combines the convenience of a conveyor belt with synchronous drive, allowing for extreme precision in the placement of product. Integrally molded timing teeth and aramid cords make for a dependable belt that can navigate small pulley diameters.

Flat Belting

  • Del/Roc is constructed from a 55 Shore D Polyester elastomer. Del/Roc is highly chemical & abrasion resistant and designed for medium to heavy load capacity.
  • Del/Flex made with a 95 Shore A Polyurethane compound. Available with smooth and embossed surfaces, Del/Flex is easy to clean, flexible and perfect for medium load conveying.
  • Souplex features an 85 Shore A Polyurethane compound that is very flexible with good elasticity. Ideal for use on small pulleys and fixed center distance conveyors.

Round & Trapezoidal Profiles

  • Polyester or Polyurethane construction
  • Aramid, Polyester and Stainless Steel reinforcements
  • Profile coatings for trapezoidal profiles

Joining Systems

  • Butt welding joining systems for all belt styles
  • Mechanical lacing (urethane and metal) for positive drive and flat belts


  • Cleats – 90 degree, scoop or bent styles
  • Corrugated sidewalls available in heights up to 200 mm
  • V-guide profiles for transition guidance on L and Z shaped systems

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