Press Release - Beltservice Corporation and Reveyron’s Formalized Partnership

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Beltservice Corporation and Reveyron’s Formalized Partnership Offers Increased Opportunities for Customers

Sept. 18, 2019 – Beltservice Corporation and Reveyron wish to announce they have formalized a cooperative agreement to enhance a relationship that has been of strategic importance to both companies for almost a decade.

Reveyron is known worldwide for high quality, ultra-hygienic products, along with quality fabrication includingcorrugated sidewalls, cleats and splices used on Reveyron products. For more than 90 years, Reveyron has supplied conveyor belts throughout the world from their headquarters in France.

Beltservice Corporation is known as the premier conveyor belt fabricator and wholesaler in North America with 12 facilities strategically located throughout selling only to resellers and OEMs.

The new agreement designates Beltservice Corporation as the preferred partner of Reveyron which will position both companies to provide a wider and deeper range of Reveyron products to distributors and OEMs across the continent. This new arrangement will give customers the opportunity to make the most out of Reveyron’s world-class lightweight conveyor belts through the purchase of full slabs, coils, cut pieces and fully fabricated conveyor belts.

Reveyron’s new manufacturing advancements include a 3-meter conveyor belt manufacturing line. This new line offers the latest in technology in the marketplace today.

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