Rubber/Notched Cleats

Cleats are commonly used for conveying up steep inclines. The cleats are hot vulcanized to the belt surface on any centers to fit a wide variety of applications. Many different profiles are available in a wide variety of compounds.

Nitrile (Food Grade)

Butyl (High Temperature)

SOR (Super Oil Resistant)

MOR (Moderate Oil Resistant)

  • Standard Cleats
  • Beefy Cleats
  • High Incline - S Cleats
  • High Incline - C Cleats
  • Lug & Square Cleats
  • Steel-Reinforced Cleats
  • Notched Cleats
  • V-Notched Cleats
  • Notched Chevron Cleats
  • Chevron Cleated Belts - Custom Items
  • Cleated Belts - Custom Patterns

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