Fabysn is FDA Approved and one piece construction. Molded and cured in one operation. No odor or taste transfer. In stock and ready for immediate delivery.



  • Rounded ribs, 1/16" high on 1/4" spacing, center to center.
  • Designed to provide positive discharge for sliced and diced food products.


  • Ribs 1/8" high on 1" spacing.
  • Designed for incline conveying of small and medium sized food products.
  • Ribs rounded for more resistance to wear and abrasion; and less product bruising.
  • Special rib design reduces resonance on return idlers.

Top Flight™

  • Lateral cleats 3/16" high on 6" centers.
  • Longitudinal cleats 3/16" high on 4" centers.
  • Raised buttons at corners of pattern allow for drainage of wet product.
  • Operates like a flat belt.
  • Replaces other cleated belts or flat belts where roll-back is a problem.
  • Patented design, runs on all types of conveyors without special idlers.


  • Cleats 3/8" x 3/8" taper down to 1/4".
  • Pattern provides constant belt support from the conveyor return idlers - runs as smooth and effortlessly as a flat belt.
  • No special return idlers required.
  • Open 8" x 8" pattern allows water drainage and ease of cleaning.

Fabsyn Cleated Belts

In stock and ready for immediate delivery. Manufactured with synthetic fabric and oil resistant nitrile covers and cleats. Temperature range from 0°F to 220°F.

One Piece Construction

Cover, cleats, and belt are molded in one operation 48" wide and cut to desired widths.

FDA Approved

No odor or taste transfer. Specially compounded to achieve maximum resistance to:

  • Staining
  • Cleaning Solutions
  • Oil
  • Abrasion or Cracking
  • Temperature Extremes