Food-Grade Belts: The Key to Safe and Efficient Food Handling

Conveyor belts are essential when it comes to safe and efficient food production. They are used in every step of the production process, from loading and unloading ingredients to packaging and shipping finished products.

Food Applications & Solutions
The food industry’s needs are diverse with product size, shape, weight, fragility and other factors constantly changing. It is important to choose a belt that is flexible and can adapt to these changes

ProClean is our line of positive drive, easy-to-clean conveyor belts that meet strict hygienic performance standards. These belts feature a 100% closed surface that is resistant to bacteria and other contaminants.

ProSeal is a hygienic process that encloses a belt’s edges with a urethane seal to protect it from bacterial penetration, moisture, oil and other contaminants while maintaining the belt’s flexibility and functionality.

Detectable Belts
Detectable belts are a safety net for food manufacturers and packagers. They are designed to alert metal detectors if any part of the belt chips, abrades or separates, which helps prevent foreign objects from entering the food supply.

Soft Separator
Soft separator belts are used to remove non-edible parts from food during processing. They can also be used to recover soft foods like cheese or yogurt from damaged containers for repackaging.

Modutech modular plastic belts are designed to combat challenges in the food industry like cleaning and downtime. They are available in various sizes, shapes and materials to meet the specific needs of different food applications.



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