Chain sprockets 76 Sprockets The sprocket is one of the most important parts of a conveyor. A well designed sprocket will ensure that the conveyor runs smoothly and efficiently for a long time. We have a wide variety of machined and molded sprockets to cover all application needs. Movex Sprockets are designed based on many years of experience to provide you the ultimate solution. 1. All our sprockets are designed split so that it can be installed and uninstalled from the shaft easily. 2. All surfaces and edges from the sprockets are smooth to prevent dirt depositing easily. This makes cleaning easier, maintaining a high hygiene standard. 3. Our sprockets are produced from the best polyamide material to ensure longer wear life. 4. The sprocket teeth are uniquely designed to provide maximum contact surface with the chain henceforth giving lowest applied force per tooth. This ensures longer wear life for the sprocket. In addition the sprockets are designed in such a way that chain elongation tolerances can be absorbed. This will assure a life-long positive engagement between chain and sprocket. 5. Bolds used to assemble the sprockets are paired with nickel or zinc plated steel nuts to ensure easy removal.