Bearing supports 336 Bearing supports UCFL-H/UCF-H UCFL-H/UCF-H Components • Housing in reinforced polyamide, with higher load capacity and good resistance to corrosive chemicals such as water, oils, petrol and alcoholic beverages. All our bearings can be used at temperatures between 0°C and +80°C. • Ball bearings are made in chrome steel. They are also available, upon request, in stainless steel. Max misalignment between shaft and housing: 2.5°. • Grease nipple are made in nickel plated steel, but they can also be made in stainless steel on the stainless steel bearing. • Spacers from nickel plated brass to reinforce fixing holes. • Washer stainless steel. • “Cover” in stainless steel Metric size available Cover in Stainless steel