196 BluLub is a new high-performance compounded UHMW-PE material with the latest generation of solid lubricants. BluLub contributes to improve PV-properties compared to standard UHMW-PE, especially in applications with limited lubrication, higher speeds and/or higher loads. BluLub requires less energy and with the lower coefficient of friction, improves the product stability and wear life of chains and modular belts. Properties: • UHMW-PE Polyethylene with molecular density 5,600,000 g/mol or 9,200,000 g/mol. • Operating temperature: -40 to 176°F (-40 to + 80°C) • BluLub complies with the Code of Federal Regulations of FDA Advantages: • Running dry • High speed • Reduced noise and squeaking • Lower Coefficient of Friction • Lower wear • Less energy consumption • Minimal moisture absorption • Smooth and quite chain running Enhanced – Performance – UHMW-PE ® BluLub