Modular belts 147 Modular belts 551 PRO LBP 25% less energy consumed. Lower chain weight and easy rotation of the rollers guarantee minimal backline pressure. During accumulation phase, 30% less pressure on the product. Easy and quick installation and use. Improved pins and roller connection available pins in Plastic or SS. Minimizes chordal action with transfer plate ø 50 mm. Reduces gaps between the rollers for a more secure solution for the chain. Energy Backlinepressure Easyclip Pinsconnection Radiusinmodules Safedesign The Difference with a standard LBP Discover the New • Small gaps between rollers, to protect operator • Permanently fixed roller pins • Improved low noise Best Safety •-30% Backline pressure • Improved roller and pins connection • Smaller head to tail transfers High performance Energy saving • Low chain weight • Reduction of friction • Wearstrips in are recommended GAPS BETWEEN ROLLERS 51% Standard LBP chain 100% BACKLINE PRESSURE 69% Standard LBP chain 100% HEADSHAFT TENSION 65% Standard LBP chain 100%