101 101 Corner Tracks Movex Curves are designed to offer better conveyor performance. Suitable for steel and plastic chains, our curves are produced with computer controlled machines with a smooth chain guide surface. Available in different materials and designs: Standard UHMW-PE (for standard applications) (for limited or no lubrications) (for high performance). Movex Curves with and materials need less energy and with a lower coefficient of friction, improve product stability and chain wear-life. These curves are perfectly interchangeable with the standard design. • Lower Wear • Less Energy Advantages: • Less Noise • Lower Friction Magnetic Curves RS High Performance Tracks Patented Base resin Return section in UHMW-PE Blulub Wearstrip Magnetic field RS RS BluLub BluLub Movex® introduces a new magnetic curve in order to offer greater conveyor performance. The new product is equipped with wear-strips in , an innovative high-tech material with solid lubri- cants. contributes to improved PV-properties compared to standard UHMW-PE curves especially in ap- plications with limited lubrication, higher speeds and/or higher loads. Curves equipped with inserts, need less energy and with the lower coefficient of friction improve the product stability and wear-life of chains and belts. The new curves are perfectly interchangeable with the traditional versions. RS RS RS Blu- Lub BluLub BluLub Magnetic Curves Available Upper Part Return Part TAB System Tab & Bevel corner tracks