Roofing Conveyors use a variety of taller Chevron cleats, rang- ing from 1”-2” in height. These belts carry a variety of material up steep inclines for roof construction and repair. Our Steep- Climb belt can be used on a wide variety of conveyors servicing the roofing industry Chevron belts with cleats on short center distances are popular for the increased volume required on high speed equipment popularly referred to as road scalpers or cold planers. These large pieces of portable equipment remove old pavement on roads one layer at a time. Belts on this equipment transport the old, removed road material into waiting trucks. Steep-Climb Cold Planer Belt Application FABRICATED BELTING A very popular product is our trencher belt, also known as ditcher belt. Most trencher belts have bottom tracking guides called V-Guides. Cross cleats can be installed on the top cover to help move the material. When space is limited, Beltwall is the perfect choice. Beltwall is used for the steepest inclines, up to and including incline angles of 90 degrees. For increased capacity and the elimination of spillage, our Beltwall cleated and corrugated sidewall belt has no equal. Today’s roofing industry also uses a special fabricated belt called a shingle belt. This belt has special 4” high cleats with back-up braces to assist in supporting heavy packaged material moving up steep inclines to roof tops. Other popular fabricated belts from Beltservice include flanged edge belting which increases belt capacity and decreases spillage on trenchers, live bottom asphalt trailers, and portable mixing units. CHEVRON CLEATED BELTS For the more demanding applications needing greater carrying capacity on steep inclines, Beltservice offers over 100 different types of custom chevron and herringbone patterns. These made-to-order designs come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes for carrying various types of bulk and wet mate- rial. All Beltservice cleated belts utilize our patented, permanent heat cured bonding process. Beltwall