Beltservice provides distributors and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) a complete line of belting prod- ucts and accessories used in today’s construction industry. Whether for highway, commercial, or residential use, Beltservice has the products to ensure satisfactory operation on all major brands and models of construction equipment. PROFILE BELTING Profile belts contain specific patterns and have cleats for the purpose of carrying materials up inclined conveyors. For example, our Cleat-Top belt is popular for concrete placement applications. In concrete placement, both wide and narrow belts are used for a variety of requirements, from multi-lane pavement pours to extendable booms on mobile concrete mixers. Multi-Chev and Cleat-Top belting have 1/4” high V-shaped cleats on the top cover and are designed for incline applications to help prevent product roll back. Rubber Multi-Chev, Cleat-Top, and Mini Cleat-Top, as well as PVC Chevron Top, Crescent Top, and Roughtop belting are frequently used on tub grinding machines. RUBBER CHEVRON CLEATED PROFILE BELTS In Stock And Ready For Rush Orders BLACK PVC INCLINE BELTS Cleat-Top Mini Cleat-Top The Bullhorn The Bighorn Multi-Chev Chevron Top Roughtop PVC Crescent Top Your Source for Construction Conveyor Belting Beltservice Profile Belt On Tub Grinder