40+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE Beltservice’s experience in fabricating conveyor belting enables us to consistently produce the high quality specifications the waste processing and recycling industry demands. Our Seven U.S. locations stock the belts and belting products that are designed to withstand the cutting, gouging, abrasion, oil, and chemicals encountered in this industry. PVC BELTS – FLAT AND CUSTOM FABRICATED Over 50 different PVC belt specifications are stocked by Beltservice for prompt delivery. PVC offers your customers versatility with excellent resistance to weathering, acids and chemicals. Custom fabrications for PVC belts include a wide variety of cleats (pictured at left), V-guides, PVC and PU corrugated sidewalls, flanges, longitudinal splicing to any width, and perforations for bucket elevator applications. CUSTOM CUT PARTS Parts in high volume or short run can be made from any material in Beltservice’s inventory in addition to urethane, foam rubber, Plexiglas, vinyl, leather, polycarbonate, and UHMW. Thicknesses of up to 4” are cut with two highly efficient cutting methods which guarantee parts are precisely duplicated from your first order to the next for repeat busi- ness. Examples include seals, gaskets, liners, pads, and washers. SKIRTBOARD RUBBER / SHEET MATERIAL LINING Beltservice offers standard thicknesses of skirtboard rubber (SBR), 1/8” through 1”, as well as urethane, Linatex, pure gum rubber and other non-cataloge materials in sheet form for chute lining and protect- ing equipment. Because of its good abrasion resistance, skirtboard rubber is frequently used at the point of loading for guiding product onto the center of the belt and for shielding conveyor components. VIRTUALLY ANY BELT-TYPE Beltservice fabrications include rubber, Nitrile, Butyl, and PVC cleats; two-part urethane cleats and urethane chevron cleats; hot-vulcanized endless splicing; lacing with mechanical fasteners; hidden or recessed lacing; longitudinal splicing to any width; flanges of SBR, Nitrile, PVC or high heat Butyl rubber; V-guides; molded edge finishes; hole punching and perforations; cleat notching; belt groov- ing and precision cover grinding; molded urethane parts and urethane-covered belts; urethane segmented v-guides; and more. THE RIGHT BELT WHEN YOU NEED IT Beltservice’s objective is to furnish the distributor or OEM the full range of belting products and services at a competitive price with excellent delivery – large order or small. In addition, a priority delivery service is offered to those distributors whose customers are broken down or need a belt quickly; this applies only to fabricated belts and is available for a premium charge.