BELTSERVICE’S INVENTORY Over 325 belting specifications are stocked in depth by Beltservice’s seven United States loca- tions and our Canada and Mexico branches to handle any size order for any waste processing or recycling application. Distributors and original equipment manufacturers are assisted by our experienced sales experts in selecting exactly the right belt for their needs. HEAVY DUTY RUBBER BELTS More than 50 separate types of heavy duty black rubber belting are stocked for cut flat belt orders. Beltservice’s 2, 3 and 4 ply standard black heavy duty belts provide excellent abrasion resistance and flex life. A variety of oil and high heat resistant belts and flame retardant belts are stocked in addition to Cover x Bare belts that are designed specifically for medium-to-heavy duty slider bed applications. THERMOPLASTIC BELTS Beltservice lightweight thermoplastic belts used in waste processing and recycling include 2 Ply Clear PU x Bare (catalog No. 2B11), IWP (interwoven polyester) 120 and 150 Red Urethane (catalog Nos. 2B12 and 2B13). All 3 have polyurethane covers and are excellent choices for abusive recycling applications and on eddy current systems. SINGLE-PLY STRAIGHT-WARP HEAVY DUTY BELTS Beltservice’s premium single-ply straight-warp heavy duty belts are designed specifically for the toughest conveying applications where a low-stretch, impact-resistant, high-strength belt with excellent load support is required. Its unique carcass construction resists longitudi- nal tears and gouging caused by heavy impacts. Applications include auto shredding, scrap metal recycling and magnetic separators. BELTSERVICE IN-STOCK PROFILE BELTS Profile belts are integrally molded from heavy duty synthetic fabric with abrasian resistant top covers and cleat patterns. Examples of profile belts used for incline/decline applications are shown below. For the full range of Beltservice profile belts, call your nearest branch location. Mini Cleat-Top, 1/8” x 1/16” with 3/16” cleats. PVC-200 Black Crescent Top x Brushed Cleat-Top 1/8” x Bare MOR with 1/4” cleats. Crosstop 1/8” x FS MOR with 3/8” cleats. Top Flight 1/8” x 1/16” MOR with 3/16” cleats. Multi-Chev 3/16” x 1/16” MOR with 1/4” cleats.