Few industries have the tremendous opportunities for belting sales that are offered by waste process- ing and recycling. These “GREEN” industries utilize a wide variety of fabricated and flat conveyor belts in weights ranging from light to heavy duty. Beltservice offers one-stop shopping for most belts required in waste processing and recycling. These include: • MAGNETIC SEPARATOR BELTS • EDDY CURRENT BELTS • CUSTOM CLEATED BELTS • IN-STOCK CLEATED BELTS • CORRUGATED SIDEWALL BELTS • FLANGE BELTS • URETHANE-COVERED BELTS • HEAVY DUTY RUBBER AND PVC BELTS • THERMOPLASTIC BELTS • SINGLE-PLY STRAIGHT-WARP BELTS • PROFILE BELTS • CUSTOM CUT PARTS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR BELTS Magnetic separator belts revolve around a magnet suspended over a conveyor. The magnet attracts unwant- ed metal from material being conveyed and pulls the metal up against the belt. With the help of stainless steel, rubber, or PU cleats, the unwanted metal is transported out of the magnetic field and discharged into a collec- tion area. Magnetic separator belts are available in compounds such as rubber, urethane and PVC. RUBBER MAGNETIC SEPARATOR BELTS WITH HOT VULCANIZED CLEATS Rubber cleat profiles that are used on magnetic separator belts include: molded I cleats, 1/2” to 6” tall; molded square cleats (shown at left), 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, and 1” tall; and molded “beefy” cleats, 1” to 6” tall. Cleats are vulcanized to the belt cover or attached with non-magnetic elevator bolts. Magnetic sep- arator belts are typically spliced with non-magnetic mechanical fasteners. ARMOR-CLAD MAGNETIC SEPARATOR BELTS For long running operation in the very harshest of applications, Beltservice’s rubber magnetic separator belts are covered with stainless steel or urethane plates and stainless steel cleats. These armor plates protect the impact area of the belt from the abuse of sharp, heavy objects drawn by the magnetic field. Standard cleat profiles are 1” to 4” in height with a .25 inch wall thickness. URETHANE MAGNETIC SEPARATOR BELTS WITH URETHANE CLEATS Urethane magnetic separator belts feature a tough interwoven carcass that is covered and impregnated with abrasion-resistant urethane. Square or rectan- gular cleat profiles are available in any cross section, thickness or hardness. Various colors are also available for urethane magnetic separator belts. EDDY CURRENT ELECTROMAGNETIC SEPARATOR BELTS Corrugated or flanged sidewalls and hot-welded PU (polyurethane) cleats are frequently used on eddy current belts. Eddy current separators (ECS) sepa- rate non-ferrous materials such as aluminum and copper from non-metallic materials. Ferrous items containing steel will stay magnetically attached to the belt while non-ferrous pieces are literally ejected from the stream of mixed materials into collection receptacles.