3 Hot Truck Delivery For Breakdowns When delivery is critical, when breakdowns occur, when it’s imperative that belting be on site by X hour on Y date, we offer the following service. Beltservice has made arrangements with a local trucking contractor to deliver any truck shipment anywhere in the US, non-stop, straight-through delivery, direct to destination. The cost is determined by the destination and the equipment required. Don’t forget air freight, Federal Express, Express Mail, UPS and regular truck service as frequently used alternatives. Priority Delivery Service Beltservice offers a delivery response service to those distributors whose customers are broken down or need a belt quickly. For a premium charge, Beltservice will break schedule on all other orders, placing the “Priority” order next in line to be fabricated. At the time a Priority is placed, you will receive a firm promised shipping date which you can count on. The premium, purposefully substantial, is generally a small price to pay when mechanical breakdowns may be costing hundreds or even thou- sands of dollars per day of lost production. Also, the premium maintains fairness to those orders in house first. Direct Shipments In an effort to “make it easy,” Beltservice encourages the distributor to let us ship the ordered material directly to your customer. By doing so, you will: 1. avoid inbound freight; 2. avoid handling and processing; and 3. avoid the probability of error and time lost to multiple handling and shipping. We use a special form for direct third-party shipments consisting of a packing slip and bill of lading, both of which read from you, to your cus- tomer. Our name does not appear. Or, we’ll be glad to use your printed labels and bills of lading. Recommendations - A Note Of Caution Beltservice Marketing Groups On a day-to-day basis Beltservice is asked to make belt recommendations for a multitude of belting applications. This we are happy to do as one of our many services. Our recommendations are made based on the informa- tion furnished by you, which is often sketchy and incomplete. In many cases, memories and guesses are relied upon. The recommendations we give are based on our years of experience in the belting industry. They are not a guarantee of successful operation. Only in the event we totally engineer the system with on-site inspection for total verification can we issue a guarantee, which must be in writing. Beltservice's marketing efforts are divided into twelve groups of belting specialties. These groups are staffed by knowledgeable, experienced sales people who are familiar with the unique demands of their specialty belts. By utilizing this marketing approach, Beltservice assures you will get the expert recommendations and guidance you need to secure orders. BELTSERVICE Our mainline belting marketing group. The major- ity of our belting sales fall under this group. Beltservice belts encompass most of our inventory of flat and fabricated belting. This marketing group specializes in light-duty and heavy-duty conveyor belting, elevator belts, and transmission belting. Fabricated belting includes all types of splicing, cleating, chevron cleats, and other specialties. BELTWALL® North America’s leader in corrugated sidewall belting. Beltwall specializes in belting designed for high-incline conveying, including 90°. Beltwall’s salesmen are the most knowledgeable in the business. Pages 41-44 explain the Beltwall concept in more detail. MAGNETHANE™ BELTS AND PARTS The magnetic signature of Magnethane™ conveyor belts and cast parts allows them to be seen by metal detectors – which makes them an ideal "safety net" for progressive food manufacturers and packagers. See page 16 for more information. LIGHTWEIGHT THERMOPLASTIC BELTS Our versatile PolyPro Plus®, Magnethane™, ZipLink, and MonoPro® belts offer so- lutions for a variety of specialized applications. Beltservice provides ex- pert assistance in European-style belting. Thermoplastic belting includes monofilament belts which offer cross rigidity along with a high degree of flexibility. This product line is featured on pages 16–25. AIR PERMEABLE FABRICS Specially engineered fabrics de- signed to meet the specific airflow requirements of air gravity pneumatic conveyors. These fabrics are used in air gravity conveyors to “fluidize” dry, dense powders such as cement, flour, or fly ash for easier conveying. Pages 6 and 37 give more information about air permeable fabrics. FEEDER BELTS This marketing entity supplies a wide variety of flanged belts for weigh-feeder applications. Many of these belts are used as coal feeder belts for power plants, and many others are used in co- NOTE: Beltservice now offers customized sales presentations covering all products and services. For details, call 1-800-727-2358 generation plants, cement manufacturing, etc. See page 40 for addi- tional information about feeder belts. BeltTS Beltservice's newest marketing entity, headquartered in north- ern Italy, manufactures truly endless belts designed for a wide variety of working conditions. Rubber compounds are custom-engineered for more than 250 different applications including woodworking, food processing, plastic extrusion and chemical process filtration. A full-service laboratory is maintained to determine the most satisfactory endless construction for BeltTS applications worldwide. See pages 30-31 for details. FABFLEX Integrally molded rubber incline belts have been made by this division for over 40 years. The Fabflex product line, combined with our hot-vulcanized cleating capabilities, gives distributors the widest choice in cleated belt products in our industry. Pages 5 and 28-29 have more information about Beltservice's Fabflex Division. PRO TURN POWER TURN BELTS Quality replacement power turn belts are fabricated to your customers' exact specifications with guid- ance systems installed. Chain, urethane guide bead, guide wheel, or bear- ing guide systems are attached. Our specialists will help you with standard power turn belts as well as belts for spiral lifts. See also pages 22-24. TUMBLE BLAST CLEANING BELTS Blast belts operate in some of the harshest environments faced by rubber belting. Cast metal parts, often having jagged edges, are tumbled by the belt and blasted with abrasive media. Applications include: foundries, heat treating operations, tool manufacturing, etc. More about blast belts can be found on page 40. FILTER BELTS Specialized belts, also known as carrier belts, are used on horizontal belt filter presses, which separate solid material from a slurry by using a vacuum. Beltservice manufactures these belts to fit the exact specifications for every application. Specially designed flanged filter belts and wear filter belts are also available. Page 40 has more about filter belts. CUSTOM CUT PARTS Parts are fabricated from any material in Beltservice's large inventory. High volume runs, short runs, even prototypes are made without expensive tooling or set-up fees. Examples made from a variety of materials include: seals, bumpers, gaskets, washers, shims, liners, pads, spacers, dampeners, and curtains. See page 38 for details.