LargestselectioninNorthAmerica Widerangeoflengthsandwidths Slittowidthordersshipsin24hoursorless Specialcompoundsavailable Broadrangeoftensileratings Technicalexpertise OutstandingCustomerService Millionsoffeetsoldworldwide Labtestedfordemandingapplications StockinU.S., CanadaandMexico Onsitesurveys Fastdeliveries FEATURES&BENEFITS We are the industry leader in heavy duty black conveyor belting used in many industries throughout the world. Over fifty types of heavy duty specifications are inventoried for cut flat belt and custom fabrications. We take pride in being your well stocked inventory resource. A vast amount of heavy duty belting products including common and unusual specifications allows us to be your warehouse, reducing your overall inventory cost. Beltservice Corporation works with many leading manufacturers around the world to insure optimum product quality. We are equipped with a state of the art lab to test cover adhesions, ply adhesions and abrasion requirements. Our in house chemists and engineers work with conveyor belting products exclusively, all day, every day. THEINDUSTRYLEADERIN HEAVYDUTYBELTING Labtested Fastdelivery Wehavethebeltingproducts andknowledgeablepeople.