High tensile SBR/Natural rubber blends for abrasion and cut resistance. Standard meets all criteria for RMA grade II. This is the most widely used compound providing long life at an economical cost. Sand, gravel, limestone, coal and ore are readily conveyed with standard covers. A premium cut & gouge resistant compound designed for the most severe service. Excellent for glass cullet, trap rock, sharp metals and granite. Medium oil resistant for wood chips and whole grains. Resistant to light traces of oils and terpenes. Used extensively in the lumber industry. May be used above ground where fire resistant characteristics are required. Very popular at power plants and for grain applications. Specially compounded for severe oil applications when animal fats or petroleum oils are present. Excellent resistance to the deteriorating effects of kerosene, diesel oil and most heavy oils. When oil and heat are present, this compound offers excellent resistance to swelling and cracking. Do not use for dry heat. Oil must be present. Covers withstand product temperatures for lumpy material to 400°F (204°C) and continuous baking loads to 300°F (149°C). Heat resistant cover compounds protect the carcass from heat deterioration. Covers stay flexible when the belt is used within the allowable temperature range. Premium heat resistant belt for conveying hot lumpy material up to 700°F (371°C) and short time cycle baking loads of 450°-500°F (232°- 260°C). Standard GradeI MOR FlameResistant SuperOilResistant HotAsphalt HighHeatResistance PremiumHeatResistant CoverCompounds APPLICATIONS & INDUSTRIES Mining Foundries Energy Aggregate Cement Grain Lumber Recycling Crushers Sawmills Woodchips Fertilizer RoadMilling Quarries Loghandling Automotive Construction BucketElevator GlassIndustries