62 Butyl F E G E E NR F-G F E EPDM F-G E G E E NR F-G NR E Natural Rubber E G E F NR NR NR NR F Nitrile/Buna-N G G G-F G F G-E F E F Neoprene G-E G G G VG G NR G E PVC G G F F G F F G G SBR E G VG F-G F-G NR NR NR F Teflon NR E E E E E E E E Urethane E F F F VG F NR F E Key: E = Excellent VG = Very Good G = Good F = Fair NR = Not Recommended Ozone Petroleum Vegetable Common Abrasion Chemical Cold Heat Sunlight Oil Solvent Oil-Animal Weather Name Resistance Resistance Resistance Resistance Resistance Resistance Resistance Fat Resist. Resistance Common ASTM Names of Beltservice Belts Name Designation General Properties of These Types Butyl IIR Excellent weathering resistance; low permeability to White Butyl gases; good resistance to ozone and aging; low tensile strength and resilience. EPDM EPDM Excellent weather, ozone and UV resistance; excellent High heat resistant 2 Ply 220, resistance to ketone solvents; superior heat resistance 3 Ply 330, and 4 Ply 440 when peroxide cured. Natural Rubber NR Excellent physical properties; good resistance to Pure Gum Roughtop and Steepgrade cutting, gouging and abrasion; low heat, ozone and oil resistance. Neoprene CR Excellent ozone , heat and weathering resistance; good Compound not currently used in oil reistance; excellent flame resistance. belting industry. Nitrile/Buna-N NBR Excellent resistance to vegetable, animal and petroleum White nitrile food belts; black nitrile oils; poor low-temperature resistance. light duty; SOR Hot Asphalt. PVC [none] Excellent resistance against acids and chemicals. All white and black PVC conveyor Weathers well. Limited high and low temperature and elevator belts; monofilament capability. Obtains other physicals only in combination thermoplastic. with polyester carcass. Silicone VMQ Excellent release characteristics. Resistance to most 3 Ply Hot Stock and Water with silicone vegetable oils. Silicone can handle high heat. top cover; 2 Ply monofilament SBR SBR Good physical properties; excellent abrasion Standard RMA-II H.D. conveyor; resistance; not oil, ozone, or weather resistant. all transmission; most incline; skirtboard Teflon AFMV Excellent chemical resistance. Excellent high and low White polyester teflon temperature properties. Urethane PU Exceptional abrasion, cut and tear resistance; high Urethane #1200; 3 Ply 1/8" Urethane x modulus and hardness. FS; Ure-clad Chemical Resistance CHEMICAL RESISTANCE COMPOUND PROPERTIES