49 Belt Applications The following is a list of industries, applications and types of machinery that use belting. Call on these industries and ask for the replacement and/or new installation business. Message to Distributor Salespeople - Aluminum Industry Bath Cans Coke Extrusion Plants Automotive Industry Belt Wrappers Magnetic Conveyor Metal Stampings Scrap Conveyors Steel Sheer Lines Baking Industry Biscuit Conveyors Bread Conveyors Cake Conveyors Cartons (Incline & Decline) Chocolate Cooling Tunnel Belts Chocolate Enrober Bottom Belts Depanning Lines Finished Product Lines Slicers & Wrapppers Stackers (Endless) Brewing Industry Can Elevators Carton Sealers Building Materials Industry Ceramics Gypsum Products Roofing and Siding Structural Clay Products Bulk Sea Transportation Industry Ship Loaders Ship Unloaders Candy and Confectionery Shops Conveying Raw Chocolate or Cocoa Incline Belts Sorting Tables Packaging Machines Canning and Freezing Industry Carton Conveyors (can) Case Sealers Elevators Filling and Packaging Full Case Elevators Harvesters and Loaders Scrap Conveyors Shear Lines Spinner Lines Tomato Harvesters Folding Box and Car- ton Industry Assemblers Cartons Corrugated Box Plants Die Cutter - Feed Belts Folder Gluer Paper Box and Container Plants Perforated Vacuum Belts Printer-Slotter Machines Stacker Belts Wrapper - Paper Feed Belts Construction Industry Portable Batch Conveyors Road Scalpers Roofing Belts Sand and Gravel Drugs and Cosmetics Automated Warehouse Lines Oily Chemical Preparations Process and Packaging Lines Transfer and Packaging Lines Fertilizer Industry Dryer Belts Fruit, Vegetable and Fish Packing Plants Asparagus Cutting Lines Cereals Dried Fruits, All kinds Nut Processing Potato Harvesting Scrap Belts Under Cutting Lines Sizer Belts Sorting Tables Whole Fish Glass Industry Cullet Conveying Scrubbers Grain Industry Elevator Belts Tubeveyors Lumber Industry Log Docks Log Sorters Sanding Belts Sawmill Waste Wood Chips Manufacturing Inspection Lines Sorting Lines Parts Delivery Shipping Masonry Industry Conveying Cement to Automatic Cinder Block Machine Metal Working and Steel Mill Industry Belt Wrappers Blast Belts Classifiers Shear Lines Stackers Stamping Conveyors Tin Plate Conveyors Mining Industry Coal Ores Minerals Quarries Rock Sand and Gravel Packaging Industry Wrapping Packaging Casing Cartoning Bottling Plastics - Molding and Extruding Accumulation Inclines Paper Industry Pulp Conveying Sludge Dewatering Wood Chip Conveying Power Industry Magnetic Separator Belts Sampling Belts Weigh Feeder Belts Printing and Publishing Collators Folders - Feed and Delivery Tapes Joggers and Stackers Sheeters Strippers Trimmers Railroad Industry Hopper Car Unloaders Recycling Industry Comingled Recyclables Portable Conveyors Scrap Metal Recycling Sewage Treatment Industry Sludge Belts Filter Cake Belts Shoe Industry Die Cutting Pads Soap Industry Bin Unloaders Bucket Conveyors Carton Sealers Live Roller Case Conveyors Sealer Machine - Compression and Carrier Belts Wrapper Machine - Feed and Discharge Belts Tobacco Industry Carton Conveyors Inspection Conveyors Packaging Conveyors Sizing Conveyors For additional information about belting applications, contact your nearest Beltservice branch.