45 Belt Accessories Alligator Lace Beltservice stocks a complete inven- tory of sizes, lengths and types. Rugged plastic fastener for black and food grade belts. Installed in the fac- tory or in the field with special tools. Alligator Plastic Rivet Fastener Belt Dressing Used to increase traction between belt and pulley and as a preservative. • Liquid • Aerosols • Neatsfoot Oil Belt Scrapers (Urethane) Available in various hardness and compounds, including food grade. Clipper Lace The full range of sizes, types, lacers, accessories. Cold Vulcanizing Cements • Rubber • PVC • Hot or Cold Bond For splicing belts endless; bonding cleats, flanges, V-guides; lamina- tions; lagging pulleys; bonding rub- ber to metal; repairing belts. For use in field or shop. Skirtboard Rubber/Chute Lining 1/4" Skirtboard 84 85a 85b 85 85c 3/8" Skirtboard 1/2" Skirtboard 3/4" Skirtboard 1" Skirtboard Used at the point of loading for guiding product onto the center of the belt and for protecting metal parts. Also useful for lining metal and wood chutes, hoppers, and troughs. Commonly found in construction, sand and gravel operations, quarries and mines, and in feed and grain applications. For more information on lacing and mechanical fasteners, see page 30. Edge Sealing • Latex • Urethane Usedtosealbeltedgestoprotectagainst fraying and moisture penetration. Elevator Bolts and Nuts To join elevator belt ends. Overlap- butt joint-pad joint; most popular sizes in stock. Elevator Buckets A wide variety of sizes and styles are available for most any elevating application. Flexco Fasteners • Plate Type • Rivet Type • Hinged Type Leader Wire Pins Recommended for belts 48" and wider to make inserting the nylon- covered cable easier. Comes complete with leader wire, connecting sleeve, and nylon-cov- ered cable pin. Leather Products Flat belt, round leather belt, lace leather, leather washers. Minet Fasteners Mechanical fasteners for a wide va- riety of conveying applications. Plastic Fasteners Will beat metal detector units; ideal for food industry; can be steam steril- ized; resists most chemicals; easily installed. Constructed of a plastic nylon suitable for lightweight conveyor belting. It is economical compared to vulcanizing and can be separated for fast installa- tion and removal. Unlike conventional metal fasteners it is safe to operators and will not damage goods that are conveyed. Available in packages suf- ficient to lace 24"-wide belts. Size B & C. A reusable template is required for each use. Pulley Lagging Smooth, seamless urethane, drive screws, lagging cement. Pulleys • Conveyor/Elevator • Winged Pulleys • Tapered Pulleys Rubber Splice Kits Component materials furnished for splicing belts endless in field or shop. Sewing Machine Belt • Round Leather • V-O-V Type Aerosols to Lubricate • Silicone Spray Spiral Lace Mechanical fastener vulcanized into belt. Allows use on extremely small diameter pulleys. Tatch-A-Cleat Bolt-on cleats in a variety of com- pounds including rubber and PVC. Quickly attaches to belt, and is eas- ily removed. Urethane Round Belt • Solid • Hollow • Plastic Fasteners Urethane Splice Kits To cover lacing so product will not mar.