41 Beltwall Corrugated Sidewall Belting ® BASIC CONFIGURATIONS Beltwall is one of the world’s leading producers of cross-rigid corrugated sidewall belting. Beltwall has an outstanding record of successful bulk handling installations worldwide. Three factors contribute to Beltwall’s superior performance on high-lift systems: 1. Beltwall’s unique combination of two cross-rigid plies and special high-strength rubber create the most cross-rigid base belt available. 2. Beltwall’s sidewall construction of fiber-loaded compounds keeps incidental cuts or tears from propagating. 3. Beltwall’s urethane cleats bolted into cleat bases that are vulcanized to the base belt are more durable than rubber cleats of similar size. All Beltwall cleats are hot-vulcanized onto the base belt to ensure the highest adhesion levels possible. Beltwall offers the widest variety of corrugated sidewalls in the industry – from 1" through 16" – with metric sizes readily available. Sizes above 5" are reinforced with a specially woven fabric ply to provide exceptional strength and performance. CONSTRUCTIONS Beltwall belts carry material in any plane from horizontal to vertical. The most common conveyor shapes include straight incline, “L,” and “S” shapes (see page 43) but almost any con- figuration is possible. Each Beltwall belt consists of two corrugated sidewalls bonded to a cross-rigid base belt. The walls can be recessed for clear- ance and belt support through bend sections. Beltwall offers three distinct cleat profiles (see table on page 43) to provide optimal capacity at any angle. White food grade Beltwall belts are available with sidewalls from 1" to 5". These belts are ac- ceptable for most applications governed by FDA regulations. RUBBER COMPOUNDS AVAILABLE Black Standard Black Moderately Oil Resistant Black High Heat Resistant Black High Oil Resistant Black Flame Retardant White Oil and Fat Resistant (FDA) All Beltwall products are packaged to ensure they arrive in “factory new” condition, wheth- er shipped across the state, country, or world.