40 Tumbling belts for blast cleaning systems are available with a variety of hole patterns, cleat profiles and spacings. Unique custom designs and industry standards utilize Beltservice’s patented Thermo- cure bonding process to permanently bond cleats and/or V-guides to the base belt. A variety of cleat profiles assure the proper tumbling action. Some of the more popular profiles include rounded, pyramid and rectangular shapes. Blast belts are found in a number of metal finishing industries and are used to clean and deburr metal products. The belts are made to withstand extremely abrasive conditions in environments such as foundries, metal stamping, heat treating, small automotive-related parts manufacturers and rebuild- ers, etc. Contact your nearest branch to request quantities of Beltservice's blast belt brochure or call 800-727-2358; e-mail sales@beltservice.com. This literature is also viewable online at www. beltservice.com. Specialty Belts Filtration Belts Used in a variety of applications, including chemical, mineral, food and other process slurries, these belts are designed to remove liquids from solids. Beltservice filter belts feature rugged flanges, precision grooving, and clean perforations. Wear belts, which are sometimes located under the filter belts to reduce wear, are also available. Construction of filter belts consists of lateral grooves with holes in the center of the belt from which the liquid escapes. Drainage holes are either in a fabric-free zone down the center of the belt or thoroughly sealed to prevent the liquid being drained from soaking into the fibers of the belt. Spe- cial flanges and sidewalls are available to keep the product being conveyed from spilling over the sides of the belt. View our product brochure featuring filter belts online at www.beltservice.com. Request quantities of the brochure from your nearest Beltservice branch or call 800-727-2358; e- mail sales@beltservice.com. Also see BeltTS filter belt products on page31. Feeder Belts Beltservice manufactures a complete line of feeder belts for all of the common gravimetric and volumetric weigh feeders on the market. Belts are available with or without flanges and bottom V-guides. Flanges range from 1/2" to 2" tall and can be siped or notched for use on small diame- ter pulleys. Corrugated sidewalls can be used when the feeder's pulleys are too small for flanges or greater height is required for higher capacity feeders. Standard feeder belts are vulcanized endless for a smooth long lasting splice. Mechanical fasteners may also be used for quick change-outs and ease of installation. Rubber covered "hidden" splices provide the smoothness of a vulcanized splice with the speed and ease of installation of a mechan- ical splice. Many of the most common feeder belt specifications are made up in bulk rolls ready to be cut to length and spliced – greatly reducing both lead time and cost! Flanges are available in standard 60 durometer, a softer 40 durometer for smaller pulleys, and a variety of compounds to match the com- pound characteristics of the base belt. For feeder belt literature or more information call 800-727- 2358 or go online to www.beltservice.com or e-mail sales@beltservice.com. Blast Cleaning Tumbling Belts Magnetic Separator Belts Magnetic separator belts revolve around a magnet suspended over a conveyor. The magnet attracts unwanted metal from material being conveyed and pulls it to the surface of the magnetic separator belt. With the help of rubber, urethane, or stainless steel cleats, the metal is transported out of the magnetic field and discharged into a collection area. Magnetic separators requiring a belt are often referred to as self-cleaning and can be found in a number of industries, including coal handling, cement, recycling, food production, and many others. These belts are available in compounds such as rubber, urethane, and PVC. Beltservice has more than 40 years experience in fabricating thousands of feet of magnetic separator belts. A brochure featuring our separator belts may be viewed online at www.beltservice.com. For more information or to request quantities of the brochure, contact your nearest Beltservice branch or call 800-727-2358; e-mail sales@beltservice.com. Separator belt with square rubber cleats. An “armor-clad” magnetic separator belt. Notched-flange feeder belt with V-guide. A Beltservice filtration belt. A blast cleaning tumbling belt. A drilled and siped 2" flange fabrication.