39 Solid Waste Disposal Belts Beltservice offers a wide variety of belts for this growing industry. Popular items include flanged and cleated belts for sorting lines and incline conveying from the main tipping floor. This is a truly demanding application requiring high-quality construction. Fabricated belt for applications requir- ing a cleated belt that must operate on very small pulleys. Urethane belts and cleats are resistant to abrasion. Cleats are welded into the belt to ensure superior adhesion. Urethane Cleated Belts for Small Pulleys and Nose Bars Trencher Belt A very popular replacement item also known as a ditcher belt. This combina- tion of cleats and tracking guide is uni- versally used on ditch-digging and road construction equipment. Cleats and guides are hot molded to heavy duty belting for rugged severe service. Cold planer belts are used on large porta- ble roto-plane equipment used to remove old roadbed pavement. The belts carry the material to waiting trucks. Belts feature rubber belting with hot molded chevrons on close centers for high-volume conveying. Cold Planer (Road Scalper) Belts Specialty Belts Die Stamping Belts High quality belts for this brutal ap- plication. Urethane cover of belt is repeatedly cut into by the die cutter. The special construction “heals” itself, increasing the life of the belt. Wide Belt Sander Belts Beltservice offers a variety of belts for wide belt sanding machines for the lumber industry. Both smooth and im- pression surface belts are available for these demanding applications. Popular covers are smooth, roughtop and dia- mond top. Many styles also available. Sizing Belts Holes of various diameters can be punched in the belt to allow items be- low a certain size to fall through. These kinds of belts are common in the agri- cultural industry where they are used to size fruits and vegetables. Exciter/Activator Belts Also known as “ripple belt” pads, these pads can be made any length, thickness and width required. As the belt and pads travel underneath the carrier idlers, the pads contact the rollers and drive them, propelling a unit load forward. Available in rubber or in low durometer urethane. Roofers Belt Every large roofing contractor has one or more portable conveyors which they haul to the new building job site and use to convey roofing materials – both bulk and bagged – up steep inclines. These belts generally feature notched chevron cleats up to 2" tall. Cleated White Food Belt Beltservice produces the widest variety and highest quality cleated white food belting available in the industry. Each cleat is hand crafted to a smooth finish leaving no place for bacteria or waste particles to collect. Fabrication materials are acceptible for use in FDA applications. Scrap Metal Belt Every scrap metal yard has one or more scrap metal conveyors. This severe ap- plication requires a heavy duty belt and cleats to withstand the cutting, gouging and abrasion of the scrap metal. Rubber chevron cleats as well as rubber or ure- thane cross cleats are recommended. APC V-Guided Belt Popular replacement belt for APC ac- cumulation conveyors. The V-guide is recessed one ply into the carcass to improve the guide’s ability to withstand lateral pressures. Available from stock in: smooth rubber covers, PVC covers, and pebbletop and roughtop textures. SPECIALTY BELTS