38 Beltservice's computer-controlled cutting tables handle a wide variety of materials for both small and large orders. With our in-house waterjet and flash cutting equipment, we have two highly efficient cutting methods that guarantee the parts are precisely duplicated from your first order to the next for your repeat business. The tolerances of both cutting machines is a consistent plus or minus 0.007". Beltservice can machine high volume, short run, or prototype cut parts. Examples of our parts, made from a variety of materials, include: • Seals • Bumpers • Gaskets • Washers • Shims • Liners • Pads Parts are made from any material in Beltser- vice's inventory of over 325 belt specifications in addition to urethane, foam rubber, Plexiglas, vinyl, leather, polycarbonate, and UHMW. Thick- nesses of up to 4" are cut. Beltservice's Flash Cutting Capabilities • High speed reduces cost • Consistent & repeatable quality each order • Windows™-based drafting software • Larger size flatbed cutting table Beltservice's Waterjet Capabilities • Latest waterjet cutting technology • Waterjet parts are cut with no costly tooling • Highest precision and craftsmanship • Large and small volume orders For more information about Beltservice's custom cut parts, call your nearest branch or 800-727- 2358. E-mail inquiries to sales@beltservice.com. • Spacers • Dampeners • Shields • Blades • Covers • Screens • Flaps Cut parts in virtually any shape can be made in a single step with exceptional edge quality that is produced without inducing heat affected zones or mechanical stress. Raw materials maintain their structural integrity and additional edge finishing is usually not required. With Beltservice's large inventory of hundreds of different materials on hand, your cut parts order can be done very quickly in one call, with one freight bill, and one invoice in a minimum amount of time. We can even drop ship your order to your customer "in the blind" for even better turnaround time and greater customer service and satisfaction. Examples of Beltservice custom cut parts. Beltservice's Flash Cutter in operation. Beltservice waterjet cutting equipment. CUSTOM CUT PARTS Custom Cut Parts