37 Fabrications - Urethane Segmented V-Guides, Specialty Fabrications & Air Permeable Fabrics Air Permeable Fabrics Beltservice is a full service, stocking distrib- utor of the finest solid woven and nonwoven air permeable fabrics available. These fab- rics are engineered specifically for air gravity conveyors and fluidized beds. All are carried in large inventories for fast delivery. Nonwoven fabrics include Polyveyor and high temperature Polyveyor/Kevlar needled air permeable material. Woven 100% poly- ester fabric types are available in three styles of either low, medium, or high permeability. Air permeable fabrics convey dry materials such as cement, alumina, flour, fly ash, silica sand, pumice, resins, chemicals, and barite. All styles are in stock and readily available. Call Beltservice for more information on our full line of air permeable fabrics. 2 Ply Solid Woven Cotton 16-2 3 Ply Solid Woven Cotton 16-3 4 Ply Solid Woven Cotton 16-4 Polyveyor ® .5 CFM Rated (#1950) 16a Polyveyor ® 1.5 CFM Rated (#1951) 16b WPLP (Woven Polyester Low Permeability) Solid Woven Polyester 16c WPMP (Woven Polyester Medium Permeability) Solid Woven Polyester 16d WPHP (Woven Polyester High Permeability) Solid Woven Polyester 16e Polyveyor/Kevlar 16f SPECIALTY FABRICATIONS URETHANE SEGMENTED V-GUIDES Custom Covers A wide range of custom-compounded covers can be vulcanized or bonded to a selected base belt. Some popular covers include: open and closed cell sponge, white and black neoprene or hycar, Linatex, teflon, silicone and vi- ton. Laminations Cured rubber, rubber belting or belting and rubber in various combinations can be vulcanized or bonded together to create thick pads and blocks. Stitching Stitching is available to strengthen the lap area of a belt or to attach a fabric covering to protect the belt edge. Loop Belts Specialty endless belt designed for han- dling sheets and other linens. Loops are welded to the belt to create soft, flexible loops for grabbing and folding. Dry Bulk Rail Cars Air Permeable Fabric Aeration Pads Air Gravity Pneumatic Conveyor Product Chamber Air Permeable Fabric Air Intake Air Chamber Live Bottom Silo Stitched Reinforced Splice Stitched Reinforced Edge AIR PERMEABLE FABRICS For many years V-Guides have been a good choice for solving belt tracking problems. Beltservice's new Urethane Segmented V-Guides have improved this concept in the following ways: • Flexibility makes these perfect for smaller pulleys. • Extremely resistant to abrasive applications. • Because the guide is segmented, it provides protection against complete guide failure. • Available in 3 profiles: A (1/2" wide x 5/16" high ) B (5/8" wide x 1/2" high ) C (7/8" wide x 5/8" high ) • Applications include: automotive ( metal stamping ), boxboard, fiberglass plants, tile manufacturing, building products, cement industry, and brick manufacturing. Segmented "A" V-Guide Segmented "B" V-Guide Close-up of Heavy Duty Segmented "C" V-Guide WearSlide LP (Low Permeability) .5 CFM Rated 16g WearSlide HP (High Permeability) 1.5 CFM Rated 16h