36 Fabrications - Urethane Cleats and Specialties URETHANE CLEATS Urethane Standard Cleat Available in heights from 1/2" to 6", this is a super-strong, abrasion-resistant cleat. Angled backup support enables the cleat to carry a heavier load. Strong, abrasion-resistant urethane cleat. Available in any cross section. Urethane Bolt-On Cleat Similar to Tatch-A-Cleat, only made of urethane, this strong cleat is quickly at- tached and just as quickly removed for replacement. Ideal for highly abrasive applications where the cleats face a high amount of wear. Urethane Square/ Rectangular Cleat Urethane Two-Part Cleat For heavy-duty, high capacity applica- tions. Unique two-part construction consists of a rubber “foot” hot molded to the base belt, and a bolted-in ure- thane cleat. Cleat can be replaced in high-wear applications. Heights from 5" to 15-1/4". Urethane Chevron Cleat A wide variety of custom patterns are available for durable incline conveying. Call for details. Urethane-Covered Belt Urethane covers can be applied to a wide variety of base belts for differing conveying situations. Various urethane thicknesses, hardnesses and colors are available. By combining the high wear and abrasion resistance of urethane with the strength of steel, Beltservice has created an almost indestructable belt. Ideal for coil wrap- pers, stamping operations, die cutting, belt sanding units, and glass cullet. Urethane-Covered Wire Mesh Urethane sheets are available in fabric- back or metal-back and any standard size, thickness or color. Urethane’s moldable capabilities make it ideal for custom- molded part.Various durometers and col- ors are available for your particular ap- plication. Urethane Sheets/ Molded Parts Fabricated to the desired thickness and durometer. Urethane V-Belt and Timing Belt Backing URETHANE SPECIALTIES Two-Part C Cleat Two-Part I Cleat Urethane Flanges All standard heights are available. Slit- ting (siping) is recommended. Ure-Clad Also known as the “Ugly Belt,” this belt featuresatoughinterwovencarcasscov- ered with and impregnated with abra- sion-resistanturethane. Ure-Cladcomes in two styles: a skim top cover and a 1/8" cover. For demanding applications requiring cut and abrasion resistance.