35 Fabrications - Hole Punching, Notching, Grooving, Grinding HOLE PUNCHING - PERFORATING Hole Punching Automatic punching assures clean-cut, tight-fitting bolt holes with accurate spacing for the buckets on elevator belt- ing with fast deliveries. In addition, custom hole patterns are available for chain driven units. Perforating For vacuum, suction or drainage ap- plications, Beltservice produces perfo- rated belts with a wide variety of hole sizes. Perforations are clean with no fuzz or tearing. Beltservice has over 500 dies for hole punching patterns. Perforated V-Guided Belt V-guides can be placed on a perforated belt to aid in tracking. The entire belt can be perforated, leaving a small strip onto which the V-guide is fastened. Used in vacuum and in drainage ap- plications. Perforated Cleated Belt Perforated belt can be combined with cleats to create a vacuum belt or a belt that can drain a product while convey- ing on an incline. Perforations can be of any size and cleats on any centers. Slots available. NOTCHING Notching - Cleats Cleats can be furnished with notches for troughing idlers or curved pans. Notching - V-Guides Notching enables a V-guided belt to op- erate on smaller pulley diameters. The V-guide virtually eliminates any track- ing problems. Notching - Chevron Cleats Notching chevron patterns allows the use of the belt on smaller diameter pul- leys. Belts with notched chevrons are often known as “roofers’ belts.” Notching/Siping - Flanges Notching of a flanged belt enables a flanged belt to operate on smaller diam- eter pulleys. GROOVING Grooving -- Lateral Grooving across the width of the belt can be used to convey liquid or oth- er free-flowing material. Additional groove options are on page 31. Grooving -- Longitudinal Grooving can create an economical self-flanging belt for carrying free- flowing material without spillage. PRECISION GRINDING Precision Grinding For applications requiring extreme thickness uniformity across the width of the belt as well as the length, Beltservice offers precision grinding. Accurate to ±.005", precision grinding is available on rubber as well as urethane belts. Often performed on belts used on die stamping applications, precision grinding minimizes any imperfections that might be in the belt cover. Precision Ground Silicone Top Cover Belts Available in a variety of colors and thicknesses. Basic specifications include: Colors: Red, White, or Aqua - other colors available; Base Belt: Black • Plies: 3 (other base belts available) • Weight: .140 Lbs./Ft.2 • Available Widths: 68" Maximum • Cover Surface: 1/8" Precision Ground ± .005" • Overall Gauge .25." Call 800-727-2358 for more information. ± .005" Before After