34 Fabrications - Flanges, V-Guides, and Edge Finishes FLANGES Flanges - Molded Prevents product spilling off edge of belt. Free-flowing materials are contained with- out troughing. Flange belts can be made endless or conventionally laced. Care must be taken to operate flanged belts on the proper diameter pulleys. Consult fac- tory for recommendations. Corrugated sidewalls available – see page 41. Flanges - Notched Notching of the flanges enables a flanged belt to operate on smaller di- ameter pulleys. Also allows the belt to “back flex” in weighing applications. Flanges - Heights Available 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/2", 2" Flanges - Siped Siping of flanges enables a flanged belt to operate on smaller diameter pulleys. Black SBR Black Nitrile White Nitrile White PVC Black PVC White Butyl High Heat Black Butyl High Heat Flanges - Siped and Drilled Flanges can be siped into relief holes to prevent any further action of slits to propagate into the belt cover. Additional flange/curb belt options are on page 31 V-GUIDES AND V-BELT BACKING Styles Available Gumdrop,TaperedOneSide,TaperedBothSides (allstylesnotavailableinallheights) Note:Stan- dard flanges are 60 durometer. 40 durometer is available for special applications where smaller than average pulleys are being used. Flanges - Compounds Available V-Guides Used wherever conditions create a belt alignment problem. Can be molded to any belt and be made endless if desired. Bonded to cover side for flanges; bonded to underside for guide. Available in A (1/2" W x 5/16" H), B (5/8" W x 7/16" H), and C (7/8" W x 5/8" H) cross sections. Other sizes available. V-Guides - Notched Available in A-B-C-D sections, and more. Notching enables a V-guided belt to operate on smaller pulley diam- eters. The V-guide reduces tracking problems. V-Belt Backing Covers of pure gum, neoprene sheet rubber, urethane, roughtop belt, white non-marking belt, etc. can be bonded to the back of V-belts. V-Belt Backing Recommended where V-belts are used as conveyor or in tandem to pull prod- uct or cable in sandwich fashion. EDGE FINISHES Folded Edges Premium construction for superior edge wear and carcass protection. Chemi- cals and bacteria may not attack the interior plies. Folded edges provide a continuous surface from the top of the belt around the edges. Rubber edging vulcanized to cut- edge belting. Protects the belt fabric from bacteria and damaging chemicals. Ideal for food-handling applications. Also used for additional protection from edge wear. Molded Edges