33 Fabrications - Splicing and Lacing SPLICING Endless - Vulcanized A hot-vulcanized splice is stronger and more sanitary than a mechanical (laced) joint. Endless splicing eliminates fas- tener pull out and tearing of the belt. Ideal for food processing industries and where metal lacing could possibly mar the product. Endless - Prepared Belts are supplied with laps already prepared to desired length but not vul- canized, enabling customer to splice endless on the system. Hot or cold ce- ments with instructions are available. Finger Splice A proven heavy-duty splice for thermo- plastic belting utilizing polyurethane as the bonding agent. Lap area is the same thickness as the belt and uniform- ly smooth. H. D. urethane finger splice available for PVC and urethane belts over 200 PIW. Multiple Finger Splice Similar to the single Finger Splice. Staggered die cut fingers are vulcanized together to create a strong, extremely flexible splice. MECHANICAL FASTENERS Overflap Lace Top cover of belt is skived back and me- chanical fastener installed. The over- flap is spliced back over the splice area, providing a smooth conveying surface. Product being conveyed is protected from marring by the fastener. Flap must be glued down at installation. Thermoplastic Soft Splice Covered (Hidden) Lace This cusom splice incorporates vulcanized hidden lacing that derives extra strength from square-cut interlacking fingers. Two flexible connecting pins secure the joint and produce a very consistent thickness at the seam. Soft Splices are applied to ther- moplastic PVC and PU material. Lacing is hidden by the cover of the belt to allow the ease of installation provided by a mechanical splice with the smooth operation of an endless belt. Product is protected from marring from the mechani- cal splice area. Splice can be covered with rubber or abrasion-resistant urethane. If the belt is to be cleaned by a scraper, a hid- den top splice is effective. When lacing is completely hidden by top and bottom covers, both the product and the conveyor are protected. Recessed Lace Mechanical splice area of belt is re- cessed below the level of the belt cover. The recessed lace keeps the product be- ing conveyed from coming in contact with the lacing. Spiral Lace Ideal non-metalic mechanical splice for small-pulley, low-profile applications. Unique hinge design allows use on pulleys and nose bars as small as 5/8" diameter and as thick as 3/16". Resists corrosion and heat. Lace is installed in factory by insertion between belt plies. Plastic Rivet Fasteners Come in white and black, non-metalic compounds for a variety of conveying situations. Fasteners feature beveled edges and counter-sunk pockets in bot- tom of fastener to protect rivets. Fas- teners are either installed by the factory or in the field with special tools. Lacing - Standard Types: Alligator, Clipper, Flexco, Minet and others. Mechanical fastener joints with hinge pins provide an easy, quick and secure method of joining belt ends. Avoid lacing problems by utilizing our factory lacing experts. See page 43 for some of our many mechanical fasteners. LONGITUDINAL SPLICING Longitudinal Splicing For extra-wide belt requirements, belts can be made endless, V-Guided, and/ or flanged. Any width is attainable by using multiple splices. Longitudi- nal splices can be made in a variety of compounds, including woven PVC, thermoplastic, roughtops, urethane cov- ered, and black rubber in all thicknesses. BELT WIDTH Covered Lace - Top Cover Covered Lace - Bottom Cover Covered Lace - Both Covers