32 Beefy Cleat I Cleat 2 Part I Cleat 2 Part S Cleat C Cleat Lug Cleat S Cleat Square Cleat Fabrications - Cleats RUBBER, NITRILE, BUTYL, AND PVC CLEATS Cleats are available in white FDA or black oil-resisting nitrile, black SBR rub- ber, as well as black and white butyl. Two part cleats (page 34) consist of a rubber “foot” hot molded to the base belt and a bolted-in urethane blade that is used for heavy-duty applications. High frequency PVC and PU cleats for thermoplastic belting are discussed on page 18. For more information about Beltservice custom cleats, call 800-727-2358, or visit www.beltservice.com; e-mail your inquiries to sales@beltservice.com. STANDARD I CLEATS • For conveying up steep inclines • Available in white FDA or black oil- resisting nitrile, black SBR rubber, black and white butyl • Cleats are hot molded into the belt surface (not cold bonded or cemented on) • Smooth merging of cleat and belt cover for easy cleaning Cleats can be molded to the belt surface on any center, to fit a wide variety of applications. Cleats come in heights from 1/2” to 5” (Beefy Cleats to 6”). [For taller cleats, a two-part construc- tion is used -- see page 28.] MINI CLEATS Mini-cleats are low-profile cleats ideal for moving products up inclines in light-duty applications. Unique shape allows for standard idler support on returns. Dimensions are 3/16" high, 3/16" wide at base and 1/8" radius. STEEL-REINFORCED CLEATS Super-strong cleat for the most rugged applications. Each cleat features a steel reinforcement oriented to best counter the forces encountered in a particular application. CURVED PVC CLEATS Ideal cleat for many incline applications requiring food-grade belting. Cleats up to 3" tall are available in 45° and 30° configurations. Cleats can be applied to belts 6" to 48" wide and on centers as close as 4-1/2" at 30° and 9" at 45°. PVC SCOOP CLEATS White PVC cleats in an angled scoop form to improve capacity up steep in- clines. Acceptable for food-handling applications. Available in 2", 2-1/2", and 3" heights, the cleats are hot weld- ed into the belt surface for a smooth, seamless finish. BEEFY CLEATS Beefy Cleats feature an extra-heavy cross section designed for heavy- duty, rugged applications. Thickness is double that of a standard I cleat. Available in heights from 1" - 6", with backup braces available with 2" and 3" heights. HIGH INCLINE CLEATS Aggressive scoop cleats for high-ca- pacity conveying on steep inclines. C cleats are available in heights from 1" to 5", and S cleats come in heights of 4-1/2" and 5-1/2". Rugged cleats are hot vulcanized into the belt cover for long service. LUG CLEATS Lug construction features rugged V-belt shapes for impact resistance. Available in A (1/2" W x 5/16" H), B (5/8" W x 7/16" H), and C (7/8" W x 5/8" H) cross sections. PVC VINYL CLEATS PVC cleats are welded to PVC belting to produce a rugged, economical combina- tion ideal for wet, oily or acidic condi- tions. Available in black or white FDA compounds and can be spaced on any cen- ters, indented, notched, cut down to inter- mediate heights and contain cut-outs. PVC EXTRUDED CLEATS Extruded PVC cleats conveniently packaged for distributors and OEMs to manufacture their own PVC cleated belt. PVC cleats are furnished in con- venient 100-foot rolls. (W) Min. (H) (T) Base Pulley Height Thickness Width Diameter 1” 1/4” 1-1/2” 4” 1-1/2” 1/4” 1-5/8” 5” 2” 3/8” 1-3/4” 6” 3” 3/8” 1-3/4” 10” Any Centers T H W Cleat Profiles Any Centers Any Centers C Cleat S Cleat