31 – Truly Endless & Open Belt Products FOR ASSISTANCE WITH BeltTS PRODUCTS CALL 800-727-2358 SLINGROLL grain storage placement Bulk Material Placement Truly endless SLINGROLL belts are constructed with no seams to ensure high speed and flexibility, never compromising carcass integrity. Cross rigid- ity, oil, heat, and chemical resistance are only a few of BeltTS' custom options to suit the product to its service environment. SLINGROLL barge loading SKI LIFT Belts For Snow And Winter Recreation TRACKBELT for snow grooming machines is con- structed from low-elongation, strong-woven fabrics for maximum hinge lace retention. The compounds on BeltTS' TRACKBELT are formulated to with- stand and remain flexible through exposure to a mix- ture of UV and cold temperature abrasive elements. The SKI LIFT belts are constructed of the same compounds in the carcass, but feature anti-wicking top and bottom surfaces for low friction access to skiers. Mega-width construction can accommodate any chair lift or ski lift carpet requirement. TRACKBELT MEGA-WIDTH CONSTRUCTION TO MEET ANY SIZE REQUIREMENT A BeltTS FILTERBELT installation Filtration Industry – Solid Liquid Separation Horizontal Belt Filtration (HBF) is a specialty at BeltTS. Seamless widths up to 3.3 meters (130") and hot vulcanized widths up to 4.7 meters (185") wide are common. These drainage belts are critical to the function of the entire slurry filtration system. BeltTS has eleven standard compounds to meet any chemical exposure requirement for the wash/ separation process. Four containment curb/flange options are available for integrally molding or hot vulcanized on the belt for maximum strength adhesions. Seamless extra-wide FILTERBELT BeltTS service after the sale Round groove FILTERBELT Roll-Stock For The Food Industry BeltTS has white SBR/NR, Nitrile and Neoprene compounds that can be customized to meet your food processing requirements. Packaged or direct food contact can both be built into the belt's features and documented for compliance requirements. Fabrics available include polyester, Nylon, cotton, Aramid, and rigid-weft fabrics that include monofilament and metal. The dimensions of our roll stock capability are the same as the filtration production process – seamless widths up to 3.3 meters are available for production. Lateral straight curb FILTERBELT Corrugated lateral curb FILTERBELT Flat trapezoidal curb FILTERBELT Lifting flat curb FILTERBELT Italy