30 – Truly Endless Products BeltTS MANDREL CONSTRUCTION FOR CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS METALROLL parts finishing belts FOR ASSISTANCE WITH BeltTS PRODUCTS CALL 800-727-2358 Woodworkingning, Metalworking And Hide Tanning Industries TIMBERROLL and METALROLL truly endless belts are manufactured by BeltTS for surface sanding and finishing applications where tight thickness tolerance allows accurate calibrating and top-dressing of hardwood panels, ply- wood, veneers and laminated plastics. Customized DRAGRING belts are also available for edge sanding, planning and brushing. Special TANROLL cover compounds and exact thickness standards allow a perfect finish for roller dye coating on hides and leather substrates. TIMBERROLL sanding belts DRAGRING wood finishing belts TANROLL leather processing belts Deboning equipment Food Processing (Food Contact) Belts BeltTS FDA-approved deboning belts offer high abrasion, cut and tear resistance against bones during the process of meat, poultry and fish deboning and de-sinewing. Our DEBONINGROLL belts are also used in soft-separation ma- chine processes for fruit and vegetable pulp separation. DEBONINGROLL in operation DEBONINGROLL truly endless belt Textured DEBONINGROLL surface MULTICATROLL Cable And Plastic Extrusion Industry Truly endless CATROLL, POLYCATROLL and MULTICATROLL belts are used for cable pulling or twisting during production. These belts are also used in applications where plastic extrusions are pulled from the extruder die or tubes. BeltTS offers a vari- ety of high grip, high abrasion resistant compounds for long service life as well as numerous top cover patterns to grip the products and enhance flexibility. Fits into J, L and M-grooved pulleys. CATROLL BOXROLL Paper And Packaging BeltTS truly endless TUBERROLL belts offer low elongation and high grip/wear resistance necessary to ensure transverse stability without buckling or overlapping in cardboard tube wrapping. Our BOXROLL belts come in a variety of different constructions. High grip covers, customized lateral grooving and flexible carcasses ensure feeder, fold- ing, capping, or vertical form fill seal applications will run smoothly. TUBEROLL Italy