29 Fabflex Division Heavy Duty Belting FABLON HEAVY DUTY INTEGRALLY MOLDED CLEAT PATTERNS Beltservice's FABLON heavy duty belts are designed to handle the aggressive transfer and elevation of materials such as sand, stone, gravel, recycled asphalt product (RAP) and other construction materials. Fablon's unique cleat patterns are designed to lock free flowing materials to the belt surface, preventing "slip-back." The cleats are nested in an overlapping pattern to maintain a smooth running surface on the return idlers. FOR ASSISTANCE WITH FABFLEX DIVISION BELTS CALL 800-423-4469 Heavy Duty FABLON In-Stock Profile Belts Beltservice's FABLON heavy duty profile belts are manufactured from heavy duty synthetic fabric with high-grade MOR covers and cleats. Two heavy duty patterns are in stock and available for immediate delivery. These are: (1) the TOP FLIGHT pattern; lateral cleats 3/16" high on 6" centers; longitudinal cleats 3/16" high on 4" centers; raised buttons at the corners of the pattern allow for drainage of wet product; patented design runs on all types of conveyors without special idlers; and (2) the CROSSTOP pattern; cleats 3/8" x 3/8" taper to 1/4"; open 8" x 8" pattern allows water drainage and ease of cleaning. Both belts operate like a flat belt, with constant support from the conveyor return idlers. These belts have a working strength PIW of 150 lbs. CROSSTOP™ TOP FLIGHT™ BULLHORN has a 1/2" x 1/2" low profile cleat molded on a 6" center line that offers smooth delivery of planed asphalt, gravel, wood chips, and is frequently used on stone slingers. Available in belt widths from 12" to 60" and cleat widths from 12" to 48". BIGHORN offers a 3/4" high x 3/4" thick rounded cleat on 9" centers. Used frequently for planed asphalt, sand, rock, and heavy materials, Bighorn is easily troughed. Available in belt widths from 12" to 60" and cleat widths from 12" to 48". FABLIFT's unique cleat design provides smooth, reliable product delivery in demanding incline applications such as transporting larger rock and recycled asphalt. It is made with a 1" square cleat on 10" centers along with a 1" square continuous center rib for excellent sup- port on the return. Available in belt & cleat widths up to 48". LONGHORN is made with a 1" high tapered "gum drop" cleat using a staggered chevron pattern on 12" centers. The offset overlap pattern is designed for easy handling of heavy, wet materials such as sand. Available in belt and cleat widths up to 48". Heavy Duty FABTOUGH Street Sweeper Belts FABTOUGH street sweeper belts are designed for longer performance and extended service life, versus the standard replacement belts currently on the market. FabTough incorporates two layers of heavy duty blended fabric that is less prone to stretch and punctures, with a thicker top cover that increases belt life. A custom blended cleat compound is integrally molded to the top surface providing excellent durability in all operating conditions. Two styles of the FabTough sweeper belt are available: (1) the E-212, 160 lbs. PIW, 1/16" x 1/32" SBR, 18'-3" length, with 2" x 3/8" cleats on 18" centers; and (2) the P-164, 160 lbs. PIW, 1/16" x 1/32" SBR, 13'-8" length, with 2" x 3/8" cleats on 18" centers. Both styles are 48" wide and 1/4" thick, with a temperature range of -20° to 180° F. FABCLIMB is made with abrasion resistant 1-1/4" high tapered cleats with a "Y" cleat center pattern that increases production capacity. Two cleat widths are available: 31" on 13" centers, and 23" on 12" centers. Applications include cold planers, wood chips, coal & salt, grain, and construction materials Fablon heavy duty belts are different from other heavy duty cleated belts for these reasons: • Cleats are integrally molded and become part of the belt cover. This feature eliminates cleat separation and allows the belt to navigate smaller pulleys. • Advanced splicing techniques assure maximum strength and flexibility. High strength rubber compounds are used for superior impact resistance to both the belt and the cleats. • Fablon offers 1/2", 3/4" and 1" tall heavy duty molded cleat profiles on various center lines. • Most popular Fablon heavy duty sizes are in stock, ready for immediate delivery. • Different base belt constructions are available, including 2 ply 220, 3 ply 240, 3 ply 330, and 2 ply 400, along with various cover gauges and compounds. Street sweeper shown for illustrative purpose only and is not an endorsement of any make or model by Beltservice.