26 Open Chevron U-Shaped Herringbone Closed Chevron Square Chevron Rubber Chevron Cleated Belts - Stock Items The Following Specifications Are Carried In Stock for IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT. Rubber Chevron Cleated Belts - Custom Patterns Basic cleat shapes that can be altered or modified to fit your customer's specific coveying requirements. Over 100 Custom Patterns Available! Chevron Designs Fully molded chevrons of various cross sections enable the conveying of wet and/ or loose materials up steep inclines. Chevrons can be made closed in the center or open for drainage. Chevrons also increase the amount of material moved by quick pick-up at the loading point. Construction All chevron cleat patterns utilize a patented, permanent heat-cured bonding pro- cess. Along with the high-grade rubber compounds used to create the cleats, this produces a truly rugged and long-wearing belt. Applications Popular applications include: sand and gravel, wood chip handling, minerals – such as coal and iron, heavy-duty scrap metal, road construction, waste manage- ment, and barge and railroad car unloading.