22 LIGHTWEIGHT SPECIALTY AND POWER TURN BELTS MonoPro® IWP 120, 150 Red Urethane The 2B12 is excellent for tough applications found in recycling and metal stamping plants. The 2B13 offers additional strength carcass with the same durable cover specifications. *In stock but not included in Beltservice's full line sample catalog. 2B13 2B12 EM21/M U0/U4 Red* 2B13 EM26/M U0/U2 Red* Lightweight Thermoplastic & Specialty Belting BELT SAMPLES ARE AVAILABLE! CALL FOR DETAILS. MonoPro® Nonwoven Polyester Black And Green Fleece 139C The 139A is highly conductive and antistatic, with a polyester fleece construction that resists cuts. Recommended for airports, automotive industry, distribution centers, and compact disc manufacturing. Of similar felt-type construction, the 139B is used in sorting lines and in high temperature environments. No. 139C's construction provides longer wear in many of the same situations and is non-antistatic. *In stock but not shown in Beltservice's full line sample catalog. NW 40 NA SF Green* NW 25 HC SF Black* 139B 139A MonoPro® 3 Ply Surface Finishing Machine Belts Used primarily for sanding applications in the wood finishing industry. Each of these cross-rigid (CR) belts has a different top cover characteristic, from No. 135's roughtop cover, to the sticky top (ST) of Nos. 136W and 137, to the wedgegrip dia- mond pattern of No. 139. Their low friction antistatic bottom covers make them ideal for slider bed and flat roller applications. *In stock but not shown in Beltservice's full line sample catalog. 139 135 3 Ply CR135 Black RT AS SFMB* NW 60 Green* 139C 136W 3 Ply CR135 White ST AS SFMB* 137 3 Ply CR135 Gray ST AS SFMB* 139 3 Ply CR135 Tan Wedgegrip AS SFMB* MonoPro® 2 Ply Poly White PVC Sawtooth x Bare The 2B1 meets FDA standards. Its sawtooth cover features a high grip 46 Shore-A PVC compound which is ideal for incline/ decline food handling applications; non-antistatic. The belt can be finger spliced, step spliced, or joined with mechanical fas- teners. Its broad working temperature range is between 14° and 176° F. *In stock but not shown in Beltservice's full line sample catalog. 2B1 E13/2 0/V3 White ST FDA NA* 2B1 MonoPro® 2 Ply Silicone x Bare These 2 ply belts have a smooth silicone top cover. No. 2B7 has an excellent release cover and in some applications can handle environments greater than 200°F. The 2B7 will release difficult products such as caramel and chocolate. No. 2B8 is used to convey product in environments with elevated tempera- tures, also in situations as low as -40° F. It is highly flexible and can be spliced in the traditional mechanical or endless methods. 2B7 E10/2 0/SI3 FDA 2B7 2B8 E8/2 0/SI3 HT AS FDA MonoPro® 2 Ply Clear PU x Bare The 2B11 meets FDA standards and is an excellent choice for abusive applications requiring a cut resistant cover. It is ideal for use in metal stamping, brick and tile plants, wood, glass, and recycling applications (such as eddy current systems). The clear polyurethane cover offers a high degree of abrasion and cut resistance and it is antistatic. 2B11 2B11 E14/2 U0/U15 AS FDA These belts are designed for a specific purpose such as vacuum belts in wood sanding applications, quiet-running horizontal or incline/decline package handling belts, antistatic and non-antistatic belts in manufacturing sorting lines, and flame retardant belts that meet safety requirements in airports and distribution centers.