21 Lightweight Thermoplastic Belting BELT SAMPLES ARE AVAILABLE! CALL FOR DETAILS. MonoPro® PVC Longitudinally Grooved x Bare The 118 is a premium incline/decline belt. Made of high grade PVC, it is abrasion resistant and antistatic. Not shown are belts 118FR and 118R. No.118FR is fire resistant and antistatic, with a quiet weave (QW) bottom cover. The 118R offers a high grip .18 in.-thick red top cover, used on speed sorting indexing conveyors and incline/decline applications. *In stock but not shown in Beltservice's full line sample catalog. E10/2 0/V14 Black LG QW AS 118 E10/2 0/V14 Black LG x QW AS FR* E14/2 0/V45 Red LG x B AS* 118 118FR 118R MonoPro® 2 Ply Poly Green PVC Lattice x Bare The 118LT belt consists of a soft 35 Shore A durometer lat- tice top cover profile. It is excellent for high grip on incline or decline conveyors, indexing, or high speed sorter lines in distribution centers. The pulley side has a low noise polyester monofilament carcass that is preferred for reducing the decibel levels in distribution centers. 118LT E10/2 0/V13 Green LT x AS QW 118LT Woven Nylon Green NBR Cover Both Sides Used in the printing and paper industries, wood working, and light manufacturing. Excellent for the positive transport of products. Its top and bottom NBR covers provide good oil and abrasion resistance and are non-marking. No. 122 is suitable for slider beds and more rugged applications. It is antistatic. 122 Nylon Core NBR Covers Both Sides 122 MonoPro® 3 Ply White PVC Cover x Cover No. 146 is designed for the transport of unpackaged sugar and is fire retardant. It is an excellent choice for bucket elevators in flour mills, citrus and preserves industries. The top cover has a gloss finish while the bottom cover is matte. Its antistatic polyester multifilament construction is suited for troughed con- veyors utilizing support rollers for maximum flexibility. 146 E20/3 P1/P2 White PVC C x C Matte FR 146 MonoPro® 3 Ply White And Gray PVC x Bare Non-antistatic No. 117 is ideal for the toughest food handling ap- plications. Resistant to vegetable and fish oils, it can also be used in heavy duty corrugated box board manufacturing and in vacuum applications. The 117A is designed for use on horizontal-to- incline and "Z" type conveyors. No. 145 has an antistatic .0787 in. abrasion resistant cover for heavy load applications. *In stock but not shown in our full line sample catalog. E13/3 0/V10 White FDA NA 117 MonoPro® 2 & 3 Ply Sticky Top x Bare The soft durometer “sticky top” (ST) cover of the 116A is ideal for elevating. Both belts are very popular in conveying pack- ages and box board. Since there is no profile that must be com- pressed to elevate, lightweight products are gripped as well as heavier ones. No. 116B has improved abrasion resistance and is excellent for heavy load applications where impact and extreme service conditions are common. Both belts are antistatic. E15/2 0/V20AS Blue PVC x B E22/3 0/ASV20 Gray ST 116A 116B 116B 117 117A E15/3 0/V5 HCR White PVC MonoPro® 2 Ply Green PVC Jink Roughtop x Bare The 116J has a soft PVC top cover profile that makes it great for incline/decline applications. It is used in distribution centers for sorting, indexing, and case taper belts. The top cover is designed to reduce noise on snub rollers and to eliminate the vibration or jumping effect from small diameter snub rollers. Consider this belt for applications needing small pulleys. *In stock but not shown in Beltservice's full line sample catalog. 116J E10/2 0/V37 Green Jink RT x QW* 116J E22/3 0/V20 Gray AS* 145